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Over the years Kaptein has become a major player in the world of cheese and butter. We have a rich history and have been packaging cheese and butter products in Holland since 1936! During this time, and still a family business with over 75 years of experience, we have become a national and international company that is continuously evolving.

How we work

At Kaptein we are rightly proud to be a family business! We work with short lines and use a flat structure where personal contact is important. Common sense, honesty and openness are important pillars of our business model. Together we work to achieve optimum performance for the longer term.

Four key activities

We focus on four key activities taking place in three different locations in Holland. The highly selective purchasing of cheese for storage takes place in Heiloo. Here we cut, grate, grind, powder, pack and distribute the cheeses, both under our own and private label brands. Also in Heiloo we package the butter in cups, packs, and retail and bulk packaging. In Kaptein Process Cheese Factory in Oosthuizen we produce processed cheese, cheese spread, processed cheese blocks, smoked cheese and industrial cheese. Our factory in Bilzen (Belgium) is where the production of grated dried cheese takes place.

Kaptein's strength

Kaptein’s flexible attitude means that we are able to respond quickly and efficiently to the specific needs of our customers. Quality, speed, reliability and a good price / quality ratio is always our priority. The combination of experience, dependability and dynamism plus our considerable range of cheese, butter, processed and grated dried cheeses makes Kaptein the ideal partner. This is also proven by our wide range of customers in over 45 countries across the world!

Kaptein Group

The Kaptein group consists of:

• Kaptein Heiloo: storage and packaging of Cheese / packaging of butter

• Kaptein PCF Oosthuizen: production of processed cheese

• Kaptein BVBA Bilzen: production of grated dried cheese

General Terms of Business