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Kaptein Processed Cheese Factory

The Kaptein Processed Cheese Factory (PCF) manufactures four core products: cheese spread, smoked cheese, processed cheese blocks and industrial cheese, for use right across the food industry. We work closely with recognised suppliers of superior raw materials, resulting in a constant supply of only the best ingredients. Thanks to far-reaching automation, we are able to achieve high levels of efficiency, quality and hygiene from production through to packaging and the end product itself.

A rich history

Eyssen is a family company and was established on 28th August 1883. J. Eyssen, born in 1856, was the inventor of conserved grated cheese. He wanted to find a way to make cheese suitable for export to the the tropics and, after much costly experimentation, succeeded in producing a sustainable, tinned product in 1900. In 1905, the company was granted permission to use the name ‘Royal Factory for Eyssen’s Preserved Cheese’. With over 125 years’ knowledge and experience, the Eyssen Cheese Factory has become one of the most important producers of processed cheese products, not only in the Netherlands but on a much wider scale. Since June 15 2015, the new official company name of Eyssen has changed to Kaptein Processed Cheese Factory (PCF).

In-house quality department

Quality control is of the utmost importance at Kaptein PCF. That is why we have an in-house quality department which is continually occupied with the research and checking of raw materials, semi-processed products, end products and packaging materials. All raw materials are purchased to exacting standards, and tested in our laboratories to the highest quality level. It goes without saying that Kaptein PCF is BRC and IFS certified.

Product development

Kaptein PCF has its own tasting department where a specialised team is dedicated to the development of new products and the improvement of existing ones. This is the key strength of Kaptein PCF. Product development is carried out in-house by a team of experts with considerable years’ experience. As lines are short, we are extremely flexible and can accurately respond to our customers’ requirements, giving us the ability to produce tailor-made products.