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We supply processed cheese blocks, tinned processed cheese and slice smoked cheese under the Kaptein brand.

Gouday! is our own brand for cheese spread. Available in 20+ (differents flavours) and 48+.

Under the Eyssen brand we supply cheese spread, smoked cheese, processed cheese blocks and industrial cheese for use in the food industry.


Kaptein sells Eyssen 10-gram cups

We sell Eyssen 15-gram cups 20+ and 48+. We also

sell Eyssen smoked cheese in different sizes and flavours.

Gouday! spreadable processed cheese

Kaptein sells Eyssen 10-gram cups

Gouday! is our brand for retailpackagings 100 and 150-gram.

Kaptein processed cheese blocks

Kaptein sells Eyssen processed cheese blocks Under the Kaptein label we sell processed cheese blocks in various weights (1/2 LB, 1 LB, 2 LBS, 4 LBS and 2 kg), sliced smoked cheese and tinned processed cheese 320 gram.