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86 years in the family

Mireille Kaptein took over the family business from father René Kaptein more than 10 years ago, making her the first woman to head the organisation after two generations of men. In 1936 grandfather Willem Kaptein started trading cheese and butter in the city of Alkmaar. Son René Kaptein succeeded his father and expanded the business by processing and packaging the cheese and butter himself. The family business experienced significant growth under his wing, fuelled by acquisitions and growing exports.

From Father to Daughter

From 2009, current Director Mireille Kaptein has grown the company into an international, world-class player employing 180 people and exporting to 55 countries. The solid foundation of the family business remains the key to its success. Kaptein is able to make quick decisions and react immediately to changing market conditions.


By choosing a long-term view over quick success, we have steadily worked on growth. This makes Kaptein a reliable partner and one with, thanks in part to our long history, a wealth of knowledge and experience. Combining this with our committed and loyal team gives a formula for sustainable success and guaranteed continuity.


A Dutch cheese and butter tradition that fits in both the spirit of the present and the future.


The world around us is changing rapidly, perhaps faster than we think. In order to continue to meet the changing demand for dairy products, we must remain curious about developments in the production, processing and packaging of cheese and butter.