Ready for the future

Dare to innovate

Innovation is about renewal in the broadest sense of the word. It is about remaining curious, seizing opportunities and seeing possibilities, daring to try and sometimes just doing it. Innovation is something that happens at Kaptein in all kinds of areas, such as in product development or in sustainable packaging options, like our Echte Boter 100% compostable paper wrap packaging, as well as at our production facilities and in our market and customer insights.

Attention for our surroundings

Kaptein sets itself the ambition of continuing to develop and to remain curious: providing new insights, going off the beaten track, exploring alternative options and developing futureproof perspectives. We prepare for the future with the knowledge and experience accumulated since 1936, combined with courage, innovation and decisiveness. The result is a futureproof Dutch cheese and butter culture that answers the sustainability questions of tomorrow. For example, we are proud of our roof-full of solar panels, and our appointment of a Sustainability Manager.

The future generation

Young people are the future, which is why we choose to sponsor local youth athletes and teams from different sports every year. We believe exercise is healthy and that by exercising together, children develop in a positive way and seize their own opportunities. That’s why we sponsor the Old Alkmaar Boarding Tournament, where 400 boys and girls work together as a team to achieve the best result.