Processed Cheese

More than 136 years’ experience producing processed cheese

We produce and develop processed cheese (cheese spread, smoked cheese, block cheese and industrial cheese) according to our own recipe, for all possible food industry uses. With more than 136 years of knowledge and experience, Kaptein PCF has become an 

important player in the global market. From a 15 gram foodservice cheese spread cup or sliced smoked cheese for retail, to block cheese for industry processing in snacks. Available under own brand, private or fancy label.

Smoked cheese
Our smoked cheese is available in 200 grams, 500 grams, 2.72 kg, 2.85 kg and 5.5 kg. Packaged in both paraffin and vacuum-packed, in plain, garden herbs and black pepper varieties.
Cheese spread
Made according to our own traditional recipe, our cheese spread is available in 15, 100 and 150 gram cups. In plain, black pepper, sambal or cumin and available as the Kaptein brand or under private label.
Block cheese
Our range of block cheese consists of 265 grams (1/2lb), 1lb, 2lbs, 4lbs and 2 kg, and as canned in our old-fashioned, trusted 320 gram tin.
Industrial cheese
We sell industrial cheese for all possible applications for the food industry, cubed in a 1 kg bag or in bulk packaging.
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Private label: making progress together

As an experienced private label partner, we think with you and put your needs first. Efficient, solution-oriented and with our many years of experience, we provide a tailor-made processed cheese product, such as block cheese, bulk packaging,

industrial cheese and smoked cheese. If you would like to know more about the solutions we can surprise and inspire you with please contact us!

Traditionally made on beech wood

We have been smoking our smoked cheese on beech wood since 1883 in a traditional, artisanal way without added flavourings. Just the way it should be!

The rich history of Eyssen

The Eyssen family business was founded in Alkmaar on 28 August 1883. J. Eyssen, born in 1856, is the inventor of preserved ground cheese. Whilst looking for a way to make cheese suitable for export to the tropics, in 1900 he succeeded in producing a sustainable product packaged in tins. In 1905, J. Eyssen's factory was given the right to bear the name ‘Koninklijke Fabriek van Eyssens Verduurzaamde Kaas’. Since June 15, 2015, the official name is Kaptein Processed Cheese Factory.

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